Colors Run

by Running on E

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released March 10, 2015

Running on E

Little Heart Records 2015

Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Bucky McCann at Colossal Studios.

Nick Norton: Vox, guitar
TJ Burns: Lead guitar
John Hansen: Guitar
Nigel Ormsby: Drums
Bucky McCann: add. guitar tracks 3, 6, and 9.



all rights reserved


Running on E Asheville, North Carolina

Running on E is a Rock/Pop-Punk band from Asheville NC. Since signing to Little Heart Records in December 2012, we have released one EP, 2013's "Late Nights and Long Drives", a single, 2014's "What Have I Become?", and are currently recording a long-EP/short full length "Colors Run," due to be released in early 2015. We also have two music videos for our singles on Little Heart Records. ... more

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Track Name: Vagrants and Vagabonds
Don't waste away
Don't burn away the life that I refused
You can't save a thing with all that blood just pouring out of you
I know you're dying to see changes
But the more your colors run the more you'll lose
You'll be as lonely as the hangman
Embraced in tears his only friend the noose
Can't take it with you to your grave
But still my bleeding heart don't beat the same
Lovers screaming, people dying
Brothers bleeding, children lying
God I miss that good old fashioned way of life
People cared because people mattered
Now I really think I'd rather
Sit upon my throne berating everyone
Track Name: One Bad Day
Woken up to another broken window scattered on the gravel again
Paradise in a land of empty bottles and strings
I left a trail of blood leading to an old home left to me in rotten disdain
If you’re quiet you can hear the rats and roaches refrain
They say
‘Nobody here is alone in death. But another heavy handed metaphor is not enough to impress’

I couldn’t swear it’s the last time when I fell in love with the lies
Got a drawer full of notes that you wrote when I’d broken my arm

Finally moving out, headed for our new home. Leaving all those years of regrets
Even if it scares the hell out of me every day
I’m numb to the feeling and deaf from the sound
Of another excuse that you’re weighing me down
I could say that it hurts but it’s always the same
Cause I know I’m alive when I’ve conquered the pain

But I can’t explain all the lines the sky
Maybe it’s a sign that you should shut your mouth and open your eyes

I couldn’t swear it’s the last time when I fell in love with the lies
Got a drawer full of notes that you wrote when I’d broken my arm

Where the hell was I when you needed me most?
I couldn’t hear you through the angst and the boasts

But now I wanna learn about the birds and the bees and the lions
And the mother’s that would eat me alive
Is your brother still around?
I heard he was sick
I wanna tell him that I love him and there’s no hard feelings
Track Name: The Man, The Myth, The Legend
I couldn’t sleep without turning and tossing my dreams on the floor
No my nights are so violent I drown in the sheets
As I claw my way out through the door
I had an idea for my funeral
But I don’t think I’ll say it out loud
Because we’re both strange but at least you’re honest so
What the hell do I do now?
…What the hell will I do now?

I can’t relate to what you’re saying
All these voices are warped in my head
There’s a note that I wrote to myself years ago
But it’s stained now, I don’t know what it says
I’m a stone’s throw away from just starting again
For a ghost I feel so alive
‘Cause I tried and I tried and I tried so hard but
I’m tired of waiting to die

I looked over the mountain
And still never saw where the hell I went wrong
I’ve wasted years on the future
That I’ll never see, if its up to me
I refuse to take part in this joke of a life
Just to fight for any old cause
‘Cause I’m a man, I’m a myth, I’m a hero
I am a fraud

But with all of those secrets you keep
And the bullets you’ve stashed in your sleeve
And the demons you’ve brought to their knees
I still find it hard to believe
That all of your children don’t know
The horrible lies that you told
And though my eyes start to grow cold
I won’t speak
We’ve an understanding

I looked over the mountain
And all that I saw was a life that’s too long
I wasted years on the future
That still never came, but it’s never too late
I could scream till my throat is as red as my eyes
But it won’t make the hours slow down
No the world doesn’t stop. It keeps spinning
When you’re not around
Track Name: Colors Run
Eyes inside the walls
Follow all you’ve done
And all you’ll ever do
But as long God remains unseen
Then give me life and make me clean
Of all these things I’ve done
To make my mark
On this black and white scene

You can’t run forever
Aren’t your legs getting tired
Your soles bleeding, skin breaking
Boring into the ground
We can’t live forever
Just for here and for now
We can’t take this world with us
But we can burn it down

But when the ground beneath your shoes
Is painted red down to the roots
The grass and dirt is clenched
Inside your fist
The day is yours to lose
So take all that you can hold
But do not speak unless you’re told
If screams meant anything
Then all they mean
Is your skin’s not yet gone cold
Track Name: I Think I'm
Now I’m awake
I can finally see the world and what’s at stake
With my hands across my mouth I will never say
What it was exactly that made me this way
I will hide inside this house for another day

Another hundred milligrams
Down the drain again like back in 2010
Another bright idea
Sometimes I think I’m better now
But then why am I
So damn tired

We thought imagination bloomed forth from this room
But if walls could talk
They’d scream of all
The qualities we lack
And I could tell some tales of my lover’s entrails
But my brother says I’m primed and ready
Just hold it steady

Something that I heard inside your voice last night
Said Not this time

Another time, another place I’d say
That I was getting back onto my feet
But now it doesn’t even matter
Nothing really matters at all
I changed my name just like you said
Became someone I’ve never met
And for all the good it’s done
I think I’ve burned out all my old regrets

‘Cause we laughed, we laughed at thoughts of forever
Then you left, you left to find something better
You scream and you shout that we need a way out right now
But it’s like Russian roulette with a fully loaded gun
Track Name: But Wait, There's More!
I said don’t bring me no bad news but still it showed in your eyes
So we smiled right through the pain. And we’ll do it once again when it’s your time
And you say, it’s only destiny. But that bitch won’t get the best me. She’ll die trying
Is it my turn to run away? To disappear into the gray in the dead of night

But I can’t focus on the trees
This burning forest speaks to me
When you realize what it means to be alone
As we torch this carousel that in our hearts we know so well
We’re sinking further into hell to build a home

Sinners sin while lovers bleed as bottom feeders all convene to drink their wine
Bodies broken bent and strange as heaven calls them back again to bide their time
And it’s still a mystery who this fool is next to me with those bright eyes
But I could die in peace tonight and wake up fine right by her side despite my crimes

Still I can’t recall a name
Faces start to look the same
They just blend and fade away as time slides by
And as the birds fall from the sky
The oceans burn and powers rise
I finally opened up my eyes to feel alive

I don’t have that much to give but all I have is yours
Take my teeth, my cartilage, my strength if you desire
But please don’t touch my wires
They’re crossed but they’re still mine
Made us who we are
Setting fires
On the lawn
Every night

But even God took a day off to rest
Track Name: Copacetic
You only like me when I'm drunk
You only call when I'm ignoring you
And when I say enough's enough
It's not enough to keep from wanting you
One last kiss for the very first time
I trip every time I try to say goodbye
Who has the time to fall in love?
I waste enough time trying to fall in love
I've got a pit where my heart sank through
12 hours later and the pit, it grew
Want to know if this is worth the time
But every day is just the same old thing

She said everything's fine
Everything is alright
Everything is copacetic
Then why do you sound so pathetic?
I'm fine
I swear to god I'm alright
Everything is copacetic
Then why do you sound so pathetic?

Love will leave you blind
Beaten, broken down, and bruised from head to toe
But only in your mind
We could leave this all behind
Hit the ground and run like hell
But god knows what you'll find
Out there waiting on your wire baby
Hold it steady
Stop walking away from me now
Move it slowly while your blood's still flowing
From those open wounds

Everything's fine
Everything is alright
Everything is copacetic
Then why do you sound so pathetic?
I'm fine
Broke my jaw but still I'm alright
Stole my lungs but still we're copacetic
Then why do you sound so pathetic?
I'm fine
Swear to god I'm alright
Everything is copacetic
Then why do I sound so pathetic?
Track Name: Hours
In the dark
We all bleed black and we end up back where we start
We’re a part
Of a great big machine made of metal and slugs and debris
Built miles high

We are lost
But we’ll fight till we’re home safe and sound in our bones in our beds
Free from war
Cause in spite
Of the pain that it caused we still rose up above what was said
To be much more

I’m not crazy
You’re not thinking
You’re not strong enough
We weren’t built for
Time to leave us
Be for long enough
You can’t take this
They will break you
You can’t stand alone
But we won’t let you down
We’re with you
You won’t stand alone
Track Name: My Bright Eyes
I’m lying through my teeth
My gap has never felt so wide
At least not from my point of view
We’re barely holding on to
what we were before we lost our way
But I can’t tell if you wanted to

Haven’t seen my face in months
Can’t stop my hair from growing out
But when your heartbeat’s not showing up
I can’t seem to sink quite low enough
And when my kids are growing up
I’ll tell them how you used to sing

It’s not a lie
I just don’t know how true it is
We’re picking up more pieces day by day
Because more and more it seems
That life reminds us where we came from
From god through pain to grace
It’s all the same

Warped reflections of youth
I’m not running away
I’m not running away. I just needed a chance to breathe
Get me out of this room
I’ve found no comfort in faith
But save a prayer in case the day will come
That I can’t stand straight anymore

Used to see their faces in my walls
They stared me through and through
Now all the faces have gone away

And my confessions were just
Stories that I wished were true
Now my bright eyes could sleep for days

Tried to purge myself of all my
Stolen jokes and broken rules
But then she woke me from that dream

My hyperbolic mind was cast out
Somehow still refused
I never even heard him scream

Still it sounds like animals
That scratch and bite to reach the tops of anything
To save themselves from drowning in the waterfall
Of biblical proportions
That’s not right
No one deserves to die
At least not on their knees
Not tonight